Thumbs up for refashion

Yes, I know, in my last post I announced that I didn’t have the time or resources to take part in this year’s Refashioners challenge, and yet here I am with something I’d like to present. Although I’m not quite sure that it will qualify as a true refashion because most of the materials are neither pre-used nor thrifted. But that’s up to Portia to decide.

Let’s start with my inspiration picture:

Kate Bosworth jacket

I’ve had this picture of Kate Bosworth in a cropped jacket on my pinterest board for quite a while. The original caption is in Russian so I have no idea whether it states the brand – if anyone knows more about the jacket, let me know!

When it turned out I’d have some free evenings to make something I started to think about the material to make it from. I searched our second-hand shop at the social centre hoping to find some jacket, coat or blouse that might be my starting point – but no such luck. So I turned to my own stash. First, I decided on the colors. Maybe you remember that song „Vincent“ by Don McLean where he sings „paint your palette blue and gray“ – that’s what I did. Blue is my favorite color, so of course a lot of my clothes are blue, with some gray thrown in. So I give you a collage of some self-made things in blue and gray:

181028 Collage

A blue jean skirt, a gray sweatshirt dress, a blue summer dress with a little sparkle, a striped skirt, and a blue sweatshirt. From all these garments, I still had some scraps left over, and I’d like to argue that in the spirit of sustainability, it makes more sense to use these scraps of fabric than buying ’new‘ things to refashion my jacket from, particularly since I would only need small parts and still have the larger portion left over. So look, Portia, there’s the dilemma.

The only truly second-hand items I had at hand were a blue-and-gray tea towel with a kind of snowflake pattern and my collection of ribbons and trims which I brought with me from the social centre when someone donated a box full of sewing-related stuff. (Unfortunately, nobody ever donates fabric – but maybe that’s better for me…)

Anyway, I got to work one evening and began to assemble a basic raglan shape out of all my scraps. I decided not to use too many ribbons because my jacket should be wearable and I don’t like things that are too bedazzled – I’m not even sure I’d wear Kate’s jacket because there’s so much lace on it. So, without much further ado, I give you my version:


The front parts are made of said tea-towel, my dark jean scraps and a few pieces of trim. As closures, I used my last 6 pairs of black KamSnaps. Now let’s look at the back:


Too bad I only realized I had used the wrong side of the tea towel for my back when I had already put everything together. So I didn’t unpick it but of course it shows at the side seams. Oh well. Here are the sleeves:


Isn’t it strange how suddenly colors look different on pictures so that they no longer match? I swear it looked perfect when I sewed it together. And one more shot of one of those ‚design elements‘ which come in handy when you have to cover up where something didn’t quite work out:


What I really like is that I was able to leave the selvedge of the placket open which I also did when I made a dress out of the fabric. It was just enough for both sides, and I love the effect.

So here you have it – one more „Thumbs up“ for my new jacket! If it doesn’t qualify for the challenge, it will hopefully at least serve as someone else’s inspiration. And in the end, that’s what this is all about.


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